Convulsion LTD.: Further Thoughts From New Associates

11 January / 06 March, 2016


The exhibition is introducing a series of compelling recent works and new commissions from young artists who dedicate an important part of their practice to reflecting on the human body.

Convulsion Ltd.: further thoughts from new associates is an autonomous exhibition, nevertheless it is inextricably linked to Convulsion Ltd.: Christian Paraschiv, unfolding in the same gallery at the same time.

The works are gathered around the same main themes of reflection upon the body: Pain, Humor and Self-Exploitation.

By unveiling potential similarities and also highlighting important differences between the works of the young artists and the practice of Christian Paraschiv, Convulsion Ltd.: further thoughts from new associates is surfacing as a spirited dialogical process.

Such an imaginary juxtaposition of the two exhibitions is an artificial, yet very caring gesture of connecting thoughts and works of like-minded artists that don’t know each other, but share approaches, emotions and obsessions across different contexts and generations.