Aesthetic, conceptual and formal frameworks of Damir Očko’s artistic practice are mainly shaped around a central position of a moving image based work, exploring complex cinematic relations to create visually and intellectually immersive works. Such constellations are structured around a film work as their central place. Both his exhibitions and artworks represent complex settings,  meeting places of various narratives. Forms of language as communication and mechanism of the body have an important role in Očko’s practice. His artistic interest is based in exploring poetic and political potential, placing the human body as an image and a critical space to reflect on forms of power, fragility, or violence and its relations to environment – a winter landscape, a volcano, a stage, or an abstract darkness, as fragments of the world we inhabit. His exhibitions usually unfold as apparatuses by which the artist questions his approach to the process of artistic production itself, establishing a subjective space where film and poetry meet.  / Text by Branka Benčić


2017 'Seeing Ourselves Sensing'
2016 Damir Očko / Repeat After Me