Ištvan Išt Huzjan

Born on June 1st 1981 in Ljubljana, Slovenia / Lives and works in Brussels.

On the one hand my work results in atmospheric, temporary site-specific installations, and on the other hand by dealing with the format of a book I create more permanent objects.

My essential themes are appropriation of my own childhood and the transitional time of the recent European history.

In my practice I have moved from representation to re-enactment, which represents itself in moving away from creating an illusion on two-dimensional surface towards combining different media.

I combine disappearance of the image, working with actors, music, burning and other means of temporality, to re-enact situations like transition, growing up, separation from the loved ones and fading of memory.

As a young artist moving across Europe in the search of possibilities to create, I understand my studies as a research in public fetishes and archetypes, a research in our desires and incapability.

In order to position myself, the question I confront myself within my work is: “Under what circumstances have our paths collided and where are my traces leading me?” / Ištvan Išt Huzjan



Accademia di belle arti di Venezia, Venice(IT)

Solo Shows

“Unnamed spacial concept”, Apoteka,Vodnjan(HR) 
“Fontana Huzjan Delvaux Derycke”, Galerija Rigo, Novigrad(HR) 
“Debris”, GAEP, Buchares

“Naplavine”, MGNG, Nova Gorica(SI) 
“Night Swimmers”, Haaaauch Quer, Klagenfurt,(AU), with Katarína Poliačiková 
‘de Metrico a Imperial’, Proyectos Monclova, Mexico City(MX)

“MERE”, Contemporary Art Gallery of Ljubljana(SI)

‘Nuclei’, Reaktor Podgorica IJS, Ljubljana(SI) 
‘Subterranean Walks’, EASTWARDS PROSPECTUS, Bucharest(RO) 
‘Rue des Fabriques 43’, MGML Tobačna 001, Ljubljana(SI)

‘Prčkata’, One night Stand, Sofia(BG) 
‘Window’, DeHors, Brussels(BE) with Julien Daffe 
‘An Exhibition with Marko Tadić, Marko Tadić didn’t write about.’, Super Deals, Brussels(BE) 
‘Vezi / Ties’, Ambasada Republicii Slovene, Washington D.C.(USA)

‘Lesorez / Woodcut’, Gregor Podnar Gallery Projec space, Ljubljana(SI) 
‘OD TU DO TU performance’, Blum & Poe Gallery , Los Angeles CA(USA) 
‘OD TU DO TU performance’, MoMA PS1, New York(USA) 
‘OD TU DO TU performance’, Center for Contemporary art, Geneva(CH) 
‘Nova dela I.I.H.’, private apartment Grohar, Ljubljana(SI)

‘Mer. Station – Ištvan Išt Huzjan’, Gallery Emergent, Veurne(BE) 
‘You & Me, We & You’, Ricou Gallery, Brussels(BE) 
‘E6’ SIZ Gallery, Rijeka(HR) 
‘OD TU DO TU / From Here To There’, ŠKUC Gallery, Ljubljana(SI)

‘Migration of the common Europen Beech’, Lokaal 01, Antwerpen(BE)

‘Revisiting the 1st m2’, Gallery Gregor Podnar, Ljubljana(SI) 
Revisiting the 1st m2’, Ricou Gallery, Brussels(BE) 
‘O Freunde, nicht diese Töne!...’, GaleriaMirko Mayer, Köln(DE) 
‘Fraud, Absence, Impossibility’, Wiels project space, Brussels(BE) with Aukje Koks

‘Simsalabim’, Mala Gallery, MG + MSUM, Ljubljana(SI) 
‘Vaterland’, Piętro Wyżej Gallery, Katowice(PL) with Zdenko Huzjan 
‘The De Bruin-Heijns’, Mirko Mayer Gallery, Köln(DE) 
‘Preview/Review’, Ganes Pratt Gallery, Ljubljana(SI) with Aukje Koks

‘No Means No’, Ganes Pratt Gallery, Ljubljana(SI) 
‘Don't forget anything!’, Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten, Amsterdam(NL) with Tudor Bratu 
‘Speech Organ’, Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten, Amsterdam(NL) with Tudor Bratu 
‘Jaz sem tisti večni otrok…’, Meduza Gallery, Koper(SI)

‘Preview/Review’, Gallery Ganes Pratt, Ljubljana(SI) 
‘Duty of memory beyond splendour of oblivion’, Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodine, Novi Sad(RS) with Arna Hadžialjević 
‘Huzjan’, Gallery Domžale, Domžale(SI) with Zdenko Huzjan

‘The Big Blue’, Gallery Ganes Pratt, Ljubljana(SI) 
‘The tree branch’, Korotan Gallery, Wiena(AT)

‘The Calm’, Gallery A+A, Venice(IT)

‘A Lot of Silence’, Finžgarjeva Gallery, Ljubljana(SI)

‘Pro-To-Type’, Gallery A+A, Venice(IT) with Bojan Fajfrić

Group Shows

“Presque Rien”, Geukens & De Vil, Antwerp(BE)

“Hušman Huzjan Tadić”, Francuski paviljon, Zagreb(HR) 
“Le Cabaret Py & Verde”, Le Lac, Brussels(BE) 
“A Performance Affair - Panopticon Edition”, Brussels(BE) 
“All That We Have In Common”, Museum of Contemporary Art Skopje, Skopje(MK)

‘La Norme Ideale’, Levy delval Gallery, Brussels(BE) 
‘Loin Avec Moi’, LMAK Gallery, New York (US) 
‘Seeing Ourselves Sensing’, EASTWARDS PROSPECTUS, Bucharest(RO) 
“NSK State Art: The Impossible Return”, James Gallery – CUNY Graduate Center, New York(US)

“Pssst, there is still space in outer space” Pavel Haus, Laafeld, (AT) 
‘Beyond the Globe’ 8 th Triennial of Contemporary Art - U3, MG+MSUM, Ljubljana(SI) 
‘MGLC Collection new Acquisitions’ International Centre of Graphic Arts, Ljubljana – MGLC, Ljubljana(SI) 
‘Repetition’, Villa Empain, Boghossian Fundation, Brussels(BE)

‘2005 – 2015’, MG+MSUM, Ljubljana(SI) 
‘ACAW Field Meeting – Take 3: Thinking Performance’, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York(USA) 
‘A New Spirit in Booking’, MER Station 17, Cultuurcentrum Strombeek(BE) 
‘Samoupravna Interesna Zajednica u Kulturnom Centru Beograd’, Gallery Podroom, Beograd(RS) 
‘31. Biennial of Graphic Arts - Over You You’, MGLC, Ljubljan(SI) 
‘Le Cabaret – Salon Geraldine Py and Roberto Verde’, Mund Art, Marseille(FR) 
‘South by Southeast’, Osage Gallery, Hong Kong, (HK)

‘A Simple plan’, Villa T.D., Kruiskerke(BE) 
‘Superposition’, Momart, Amsterdam(NL) 
‘Prečenja / Crossings’, MGLC, Ljubljana(SI) 
‘Nominiranci nagrade OHO 2014’, Gallery P74, Ljubljana(SI) 
‘Chance Holds Sway’, Gallery Juliette Jongma, Amsterdam(NL)

‘Im & Explicit’, Gallery Tatiana Pieters, Gent(BE) 
‘Perpetual Travellers’, SAVVY Contemporary, Berlin(DE) 
‘Published by MER. Paperkunsthalle’, De Kabinetten van de Vleeshal, Middelburg(NL) 
‘U3’, Moderna Gallery, Ljubljan, Ljubljana(SI) 
‘Transnational Pavilion’, 55th International Exhibition of Art, La Biennale di Venezia(IT) 
‘Odtisi družbenega’, Gallery Simulaker, Novo Mesto(SI) 
‘Brussels Cologne Contemporaries’, MAD, Brussels(BE)

‘Ich habe kein atelier’, Gallery Mirko Mayer, Köln(DE) 
‘Skoraj pomlad / 100 let slovenske umetnosti’, UGM, Maribor(SI) 
‘Trace Back’, National Art Studio, Changdong(KR) 
‘Taxi Avant Minuit’, Gallery Des Locataires, FIAC, Paris(FR) 
‘Pride of Place’, YIAF - Yeosu International Art festival, Yeosu(KR) 
‘Studio Verwey’, Museum de Hallen, Haarlem(NL) 
‘Simplon Express/The Return’, Gallery Des Locataires, Ljubljana(SI) Paris(FR) 
‘EU’, Museum Tongerlohuys , Roosendaal(NL) 
‘Artist Book on Tour’, MGLC, Ljubljana(SI) 
‘It Was The Worst Year Of My Life.’, Ganes Pratt - Mala Gallery, Ljubljana(SI)

‘Likovna zbirka RIKO’, Gallery Miklova hiša, Ribnica(SI) 
‘Sedanjost in prisotnost’, Moderna Gallery Ljubljana MG + MSUM, Ljubljana(SI) 
‘Homework’, The Ister, Brusel(BE) 
‘Mladi umetniki Pomurja’, Gallery Murska Sobota, Murska Sobota(SI) 
‘Mapping My Mind’, Mirko Mayer Gallery, Köln(DE) 
‘Nominiranci nagrade OHO 2011’, Gallery Vžigalica, Ljubljana(SI)

‘Knjige/Books’, Bežigrajska gallery 2, Ljubljana(SI) 
‘Construct/Constructed’, Gruppenausstellung bei “Richtung Kunst”, Grosser Herbstrundgang der Spinnerei Gallery, Leipzig(DE) 
‘U3’, Moderna gallery Ljubljan, Ljubljan(SI) 
‘What’s happening?’, Mestna Gallery, Nova Gorica, Nova Gorica(SI)

‘Research-Innerconnection’, Reinier van Ewijk Projects, Amsterdam(NL) 
‘Rijksakademie Open’, Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten, Amsterdam(NL) 
‘Fetiš’, Gallery ZDSLU, Ljubljana(SI) 
‘28. Grafični bienale’, MGLC, Ljubljana(SI)

‘Rijksakademie Open’, Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten, Amsterdam(NL) 
‘Muzej na cesti’, Modern Gallery Ljubljana, Ljubljana(SI) 
‘Spaport’, Univerzitetni kampus - zgradba Tereza, Banjaluka(BIH) 
‘Tretji pogled’, MGLC, Ljubljana(SI) 
‘Down The Rabbit Hole’, Gallery Ganes Pratt, Ljubljana(SI)

‘Intimate’, Gradska gallery Labin, Labin(HR) 
‘Bad Girls & Bad Boys’, Mestna Gallery, Ljubljan, Ljubljana(SI)

‘Bad Girls & Bad Boys’, Gallery Ganes Pratt, Ljubljana(SI)

‘Kagawa Sakaide Grand Prix’, Gallery Space, Sakaide(JP) 
‘Slovene Young Artists’, Gallery Space, Sakaide,(JP) 
‘Giovani Generazioni a Confronto’, Spazio 27 - Associazione Culturale, Trento(IT) 
‘Sub-li-men’, Gallery Primopiano, Vicenza(IT) 
‘Atelier Aperti’, 51 esposizione internazionale d'arte la Biennale di Venezia, Venice(IT)

‘Atelier F’, Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia, Venice(IT) 
‘Ljubljančani v Benetkah’, Finžgarjeva Gallery, Ljubljana(SI) 
‘8 Painters Dreams’, Slowenisches wissenschaftliches Institut, Vienna(AT) 
‘Ulysses, Irish Embassy, Rome(IT) 
‘Il Bersaglio/The target’, Gallery Primopiano, ‘Inventario’, Gallery Primopiano, Vicenza(IT)

‘Group Trstika’, Private apartment Gabrijelčič, Ljubljana(SI)

‘Art in the end of century’, The Sharjah Arts Musem, Sharjah(AE)


Art Viewer / de Métrico a Imperial / Exhibition review / April / 2018

Ifema / Premio Opening Arco / February / 2018

2016 Ištvan Išt Huzjan / Subterranean Walks
2017 'Seeing Ourselves Sensing'
2019 Ištvan Išt Huzjan / Debris